Emergency Help

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emergency helpA funeral, a leaking roof that requires urgent repair, lack of nutritious food or warm clothes in winter…  to the best of its ability, AIDS Care identifies and provides for the practical needs of families.

Situations in which speedy help is necessary can occur at any time. AIDS Care carefully evaluates how and where to help. Money is not always the right answer.

Families involved in the AIDS Care ministry experience death more often than the normal population. Their culture demands a proper funeral for the deceased. This is an opportunity for AIDS Care to reach out in love by donating towards the funeral cost. Other opportunities involve helping to cover emergency medical treatment in hospital or helping with urgent repairs on the house of a family.

Many tribal people in Thailand do not have Thai citizenship and therefore are not entitled to the free government-subsidized anti-retro-viral medication. AIDS Care is striving to ensure that these people are able to obtain this life-saving support which may include hospitalisation.

We try to help as much as we are able, but our resources are limited. Please pray for wisdom and resources to effectively carry out the ministry.