Ways to Support

The most important support you can give is to pray for AIDS Care and the families God has put in our hearts.

Pray for the wisdom, God’s hand on the ministry, the people involved, and that we will be able to reach out with God’s love and care.

Pray that God will provide the necessary funds so we can meet the existing financial needs.

See how the finances at AIDS Care are distributed.

One mother, whose children are involved in AIDS Care project, wrote: “My life has been so much easier because I don’t have to be concerned where to find money for my children’s schooling. Thank you.”

Ways to Support

You can financially support the ministry by sending a one-time donation. AIDS We do our best to spend not more than 5% of the donated money on administration costs. By donating approximately 550 US dollars you ensure a year-long AIDS Care support for one child living in the difficult circumstances caused by HIV/AIDS.